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Single Hose Fill Post with integral Fill hose breakaway. The fill post body has a 5000 psi gauge and a manual shut off valve installed in the face of the body. Its flow is much larger than that of the ordinary CNG dispenser. The filling post is mainly made up of chassis, computer measurement and control system, mass flow meter, solenoid valve etc.

  • The CNG filling post also can be customized.
  • The discharging post only needs to manual control during its working process.
  • The compressed natural gas discharging Fill post displays the discharging gas volume and amount.
  • LCD screen has a wide applicable temperature range, with low power consumption.
  • There is no accuracy loss during the process of transforming quality pulse to volume display.
  • Accumulated amounts and unit price can be stored.
  • CNG filling post display will be on for ½ hour in the case of unexpected power off.
  • Various operations can be directly carried out on the keypad, including density setting, unit price setting.
  • Eaton’s Synflex gas filling hose is used to ensure accurate measurement and high safety.