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TGT Fuel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd need virtually no introduction and the name is synonymous with quality, reliability and world leading state-of-the-art technology.
TGT Fuel Technologies is a young vibrant products and service company committed to customer satisfaction through Quality and timely delivery of innovative solutions. Our lean and modular organization structure enables us to be flexible to adapt to customer's requirements. We have successfully used our competencies to deliver high quality, full life cycle, cost effective end-to- end enterprise solutions following well laid out processes. We practice a dynamic blend of integrating innovative technology with an uncompromising dedication to customers.
Over and above this, the customers need not worry about the maintenance part, it is taken care of by REMOTE DIAGNOSIS service and maintenance facility provided through our server and hence provides essential support to the Mission Critical Organizations like yours.
Modularity of our organisation enables us to incorporate a wide range of optional facilities can be added to the core system to create solutions adapted to more specific business needs e.g.

Automation domain of TGT

The automation domain of TGT works as an independent unit to perform and manifest latest technology in order for it to get amalgamated with the Production domain and create products that serve the need of every customer, being an independent entity we also serve the customers that need customized solutions.


In today’s highly competitive market, even the retail outlets for CNG gas needs to meet the customer expectations viz. Quality, Accurate Quantity, Speed of Service & Convenience, Courteous Service, Prompt Billing & Payment options, etc.

Such expectations place immense pressure on the organization and change its business drivers. Each organization needs to gear up their system to meet the customer expectation and are required to make fuel available at their retail outlets ‘Always Available’, need to handle various types of customers like cash, credit or company/corporate, monitor each filler attendance, monitor sales & collections – each arm sale in a Dispenser up-to total sales of all Dispensers in different location as well as total and monitoring stock at each station, change of rates etc.

At the same time management has to ensure safety, collect customer data that shall enable them formulate marketing strategy, and create uniform experience at stations that shall help in branding their offerings.


This is an end-to-end retail solution developed by us for CNG Retail Outlets – from forecourt to back office operations. It is a solution that helps you serve your customers efficiently, increase their delight and loyalty.

A SCADA system can process an entire mother-station or available CNG dispensing unit comprising of CNG dispensers and compressors/boosters and making available the adequate data at customer end that can provide in-site of a station as per following

  • Near real time sale status
  • Dispenser health and maintenance schedules
  • Pressure and gas requirements
  • Rate Check and Change function
  • Revenue and CNG gas losses
  • Storage and maintenance of such data in easy to understand and on the Page view
PNG System

Piped Natural gas (PNG) is used for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Consumption. PNG has several distinctions to its credit-of being a pollution free fuel, economical and safer fuel being few of them.

We provide solution of gathering processing and storing the available data via cloud server channels And eliminate the human processing time and error altogether with one stable and long term solution.

These automates the data collection from all POS at a station to a ‘Station Server’. Station Server of all stations are networked to a ‘Central Server’. From Central Server, you can monitor all stations, create trouble ticket, and also monitor the supply side of the gas.

The key benefits that accrue to the organization are –
  • Forecourt personnel Management
  • Point of sale management
  • Remote change of dispenser rate
  • Real time check of sale
  • Dispenser working status
  • Enhanced Retail Information

The customers benefit with better and efficient services and quality and quantity assurance

CNG data acquisition system is a safe and cost effective end-to-end- retail fuel solution that provides the following
Data Automation Module
  • Display Live Dispenser Data Screen – Stop and Continue Dispensing of any remote location
  • SMS and Email Alert for an individual Dispenser Problem
  • Check every report generated at each station
  • Remote change of rates within seconds
Location Module
  • Generate Daily sale report
  • Generate individual Attendant sale report
  • Check data per day/shift sale and generate report for an individual Dispenser or operator
  • Search Data according to Date, operator and dispenser
  • Change of rates at dispensers
  • Fleet management

We are trying to give the best dynamic solution from over end, whether you need some changes as per your requirement then our team is ready to provide the best solution to you as soon as possible.

AMR Automation
City Gas Automation
CNG Secure App
Remote Terminal Unit(RTU)
Eagle G-3204 (GPRS Data Logger)