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About Company

TGT Fuel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is a compressed natural gas service company that has become the largest manufacturer of CNG dispensers in India by providing top of the line equipment and unmatched service. We specialize in both high volume CNG dispenser jobs and single unit jobs to custom specifications. With a continued emphasis on service, TGT Fuel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd is Incorporated in 2005 with the aim is CNG Dispenser Manufacturing and in 2010 manufacturing started of Booster Compressors and Eaton Hoses manufacturing started in 2011.
Creation of new products and frameworks that aid in rapid prototype and product development is the primary activity at TGT Fuel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. The product division is continually coming up with new, innovative, well-engineered, and simple yet powerful products.

Products: - Manufacturing of CNG Dispensers, Hydraulic Booster Compressor, CNG / LPG Prover, Assembly of Synflex Hoses and CNG, PNG SCAD Automation Software and Hardware.

Services: - Comprehensive and Non comprehensive AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Every TGT India dispenser sold is backed up by our strong after-sales support team. Be it service support or technical support, we are always striving to meet the demands of every customer

Technical Collaboration with:-
  • TGT Fuel Technologies India Pvt.
  • Officine Ruzza, Italy.
Business Principles:-
  • Excellent Quality and Standards of Product
  • Hassel Free Performance
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction through uncompromising service
CNG DISPENSERS- Working Principal and information

TGT CNG Dispensers come with three bank sequencing system fitted with High pressure Ferrule fittings from reputed makes. TGT uses Pneumatic Actuators to run its dispensers instead of Solenoid Valves. Safety Relief Valves model no. V64 meet the requirements of PED (Pressure Equipment Directive). TGT uses only Emerson makes Mass Flow Meters (with inbuilt display) to provide impeccable accuracy in the flow of CNG in dispensers. Dispenser Electronics are CSA approved and the dispenser body is of SS 316 material. Coalescent Filters are used to ensure accurate filtration of gas being filled in the vehicle. Tubing used in the dispenser are Sandvik make which complies with ASTM/ASME standards and all the accessories are of Stainless Steel material. CSA approved thermoplastic hose assemblies confirming to NGV 4.2 standards are used to dispense the gas to vehicles ensuring uncompromising safety standards to be adhered in CNG industry.

PRS – Pressure Reduction Skids

The skids are PLC controlled which is basically designed to provide the gas to customers where no direct gas pipeline is available. The gas is supplied through cascade/Jumbo trailers and these skids through a 2 stage process reduce the gas pressure from (250 Bar to 0.5 - 4 Bar) as per customer requirement. This way the customer gets the gas at the desirable pressure. Our PRS system comes with redundancy feature so that fuel supply is never interrupted for end use. Optionally we can provide real time data transfer of the fuel consumption and working of the PRS. The schematic diagram of our PRS system is enclosed for your reference.

Booster Compressor’s:-

We also the manufacturer of Hydraulic Boosters Compressors for boosting the pressure from 30 Bar to 250 bar used in Daughter Booster CNG stations

CNG/LPG Provers :-

TGT Fuel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd' Model PROV-CNG50 has received approval from the Indian Government (weight and measurement department). It is intelligent device. Calibrate the dispenser without any gas loss.

Electrical Conductive High Pressure Hoses :-

We assemble High Pressure Electrically Conductive Hoses for CNG Dispensing confirming to CSA/NGV 4.2 requirements of CSA.

Remote Automation Software :-

TGT SCADA UI is a window desktop application, to view the CNG stations (dispensers, compressors, and other equipment of CNG station) details remotely.

TGT Fuel Technologies India Pvt Retail Automation SCADA is an application for CNG operations. This is an application for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. In this a local server (RTU) receives all the station data from the point of sale to the control server.

In this application we control all other operation activities of a particular CNG station and control them with the single point through central server. It provides various operational reports for day today activities which help in making better and informed decision.